Unselfie Kaleidoscope Pattern Water Is Life Band

Unselfie Kaleidoscope Pattern Water Is Life Band

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Reversible stretch fabric wrist band. Statement side: Water is Life. Design side: Like looking into a kaleidoscope of the coolest blues and brownstones. Pattern placement and tone may vary. Each band comes with tag indicating the charity supported. Color: Blue.

UNSELFIE is not just a brand, it's a state of mind. It's a reminder of shifting the focus off yourself and be part of something greater. UNSELFIE is for those who recognize the responsibility we share to leave a positive, lasting impact on the world.

ONE – one person, one intention, one dollar.

For us as a company, it’s the opportunity to be our most creative selves while staying true to our mission: to raise awareness and funds for today’s most important causes and movements.

For each UNSELFIE band sold, we will donate one dollar. Because every single one counts; UNSELFIE products are created to convey a message, to have fun, to take a stance, to give back, and most importantly to be unselfish

 For every Kaleidoscope Unselfie Band sold, $1 will be donated to Water.org!